1: Gina Torres stars in Pearson as Jessica Pearson, a powerful lawyer navigating the world of Chicago politics.

2: From her impeccable wardrobe to her fierce attitude, Jessica Pearson commands attention in every scene.

3: Jessica's quick thinking and strategic moves make her a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.

4: The dynamic relationship between Jessica and her colleagues adds depth to the show's storyline.

5: Through six intense scenes, Gina Torres showcases Jessica's resilience and determination to succeed.

6: Pearson explores the personal and professional challenges Jessica faces as she fights for justice.

7: Torres' portrayal of Jessica Pearson is both sophisticated and commanding, making her a standout character.

8: Fans of Suits will love seeing Jessica Pearson in her own element in the spinoff Pearson.

9: Watch Gina Torres shine as Jessica Pearson in Pearson, now available for streaming on USA Network.